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Kirtland Trick-or-Treating

On Halloween, October 31 from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

To All Kirtland Residents:

Bad guys get very creative when they need money. We are a trusting lot and we often can be taken by someone with charismatic abilities that cause us to believe their stories. There are many ways that these con artists find to scam good and trusting people out of their hard earned money. These bad scam artists think nothing of taking the life savings away from a senior citizen and destroying their retirement.

We are finding a need to caution our residents for this very reason. Scam artists may call you or mail to you a chance to "invest" in a guaranteed profit or they may be telling you that your grandchild needs your help with bail money. Whatever the gambit, please never be too timid to call us so we may help you determine the validity of these stories. I have personally received many emails claiming a variety of things that are only meant to have me "invest" in a scam. Recently, a very professional looking email, complete with my bank's logo, was received and it claimed that my funds have been frozen and they needed me to contact a webpage to verify. Do not go to these web pages. Verify anything like this with your bank itself. The web page may ask you to verify your social security number or your bank number and this could mean disaster for your accounts.

Although we cannot do much about emails, we still don't mind if you call us for help. Please do not feel that you are putting us out in any way. We want to help you protect yourself in any way we can.

Another summertime scam and theft that is common is the "misdirection scam," for lack of a better term. You may be approached while outside your home by someone asking for directions, inquiring about a neighbor or trying to sell you something. Beware, because they may be working with partners who may be trying to enter your home or garage to take something of value. If you have any suspicions at all, call us immediately. Ask to be excused for whatever reason and enter your home without them and lock your doors. If you have a cell phone, call immediately and also take pictures if the opportunity exists. These bad guys could be dangerous. Do not take chances. Keep yourself, your home and your property safe.

The general rule of thumb in any scam situation is, if it seems too good to be true it probably isn't true. Enjoy the rest of our summer and the good weather. Be safe.

Wayne Baumgart
Kirtland Police Chief

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The City of Kirtland is located in Lake County in the northeast section of Ohio, approximately 22 miles east of the city of Cleveland, and about 5 miles inland from Lake Erie. First a township, Kirtland achieved village status in 1970 and was incorporated into a city in 1971. The City, with a population of about 7,000, is about 17 square miles and consists predominately of residential homes.