Kirtland Road Program

The primary purpose for assembling a Kirtland Citizens Road Task Force is to develop strategies and make recommendations for the development and implementation of a new road plan for the City of Kirtland. The Task Force members are Kirtland residents with extensive Engineering, Geotechnical and Road Construction backgrounds. Serving in no official capacity, it is anticipated that the committee act as an advisory counsel to the Administration, Public Service Director and City Engineer. The group will help determine how to prioritize the substantial road improvements that are needed. Based on sound engineering principles, recommendation and/or participation in field exploration and resulting data collection, the group will help develop a program that deciphers the existing pavement, soil subgrade, surface drainage, and groundwater conditions. Ultimately, the committee will assist the Administration to execute best practices to repair or rebuild Kirtland’s roadways.

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2023 road insights.

Road Paving Task Force Introduction and Initial Findings

2024 Road Plan

2020-2022 Road Paving Summary

2022 Street Rehabilitation Work Sequence

2022 – 2023 Potential Street Plan Cost Summary for Council and Public Discussion

2022 Estimated Tax Scenarios for Council and Public Discussion

2022 – 2031 Street Plan by Year

2022 – 2031 Street Plan Full

2020 – 2035 Proposed Street Plan Summary

2021 Proposed Road Plan