Dear Kirtland Residents,

I want to thank the members of the Fiscal Review Task Force for the hours of consideration and the summation of their findings in the following document. I would also like to thank the Department Heads for being forthcoming with information, and the City Council for nominating the members of the Task Force. Kirtland Fiscal Revie...

The diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and opinions on the Task Force added great value to the work product. With this document, the Task Force provided worthwhile insights into local government for the residents, council, and administration alike.

It’s important to scrutinize our current activities, evaluate our successes and challenges for the present and the near future and work prudently and methodically to improve.

For their work without expectation of remuneration, votes, or recognition:

  • Louis Slapnicker – Chair
  • Mark Bailey
  • Ken Boyd
  • Chris Caimi
  • Dave Dicillo
  • Tom Friedl
  • Kevin Johnson
  • Betsy Philips
  • Terry Simonian

Thank You!


Douglas E. Davidson
Mayor, City of Kirtland