9301 Chillicothe Road
Kirtland, Ohio 44094

Emergency Phone Number: 911
Non-Emergency Phone Number: 440-256-3333

Our mission is to deliver services, which provide and maintain, as much as is practical, a feeling of safety and security to all citizens in our community. We shall provide the services in a professional, fair and equitable manner, while maintaining a healthy work environment and quality training to ensure knowledge and professionalism for our employees.

Our ability to render our service is based on the dedication and conviction of each employee of the department, available resources, referral entities and the cooperation and partnership of our citizens. The pride, professionalism and partnership we display will result in community trust and confidence in our department.

It is the direct and ultimate responsibility of the administrative head to interpret public demands and, within budget resources, provide the best possible response to our community’s needs. Whenever possible, we shall promote cooperation to educate and problem solve within our neighborhoods. This will create a potential for community growth, deter crime and diminish substandard conditions. Our ultimate goal is to solve identified problems, utilizing the support and assistance of the community, and to keep their confidence in the Kirtland Police Department strong and unceasing. It is critical that all members understand, support and believe in this mission.

Simply stated, our mission is to provide the same service and extend to people the same treatment we would expect our own family to receive from a police department.

Our Core Values are:

Integrity is the ability to hold together and properly regulate all of the elements of a personality. A person of integrity, for example, is capable of acting on conviction. A person of integrity can control impulses and appetites.

Honesty is the single most reliable mark of an employees value. Honesty is being able to admit when he/she is wrong and go forward. Honesty is the foundation of trust for both within the department and with the citizens we serve. Compassion is being able to demonstrate sensitivity and respect toward and empathizing with others.

Accountability – No person of integrity tries to shift the blame to others or take credit for the work of others.

Respect – We recognize the worth of other people. You show others that you value and appreciate them through your actions and comments. Team Oriented – Members of the Department, and members of the law enforcement community in general, are a team, of which the individual components are not as valuable as the whole. We believe that teamwork has the potential to produce results superior to those that team members might achieve as individuals. Service Oriented – Having initiative and understanding the need of the community that you serve and striving to obtain the mission of the organization.

Since these core values are shared by the department members they give us the direction to follow in order to be professional and be a credible law enforcement agency. We must strive for and adhere to these values to foster a lasting relationship with the citizens of Kirtland, other city departments and law enforcement agencies.

We shall continue in our efforts to bring the best training possible to our employees and the best service possible to the community. We strive to make Kirtland a better place to work, play and reside.