Kirtland Municipal BuildingOn November 3, 1970, voters in Kirtland approved the first City Charter. The Charter serves as the framework by which the City operates on a daily basis. To keep current with changing times, elements of the Charter have required updating, but the basic framework continues to serve a vital function.

In accordance with the Charter, every ten years, a Committee is appointed to review the City Charter. The last Charter Review Committee met in 2010. The nine-member Committee is appointed by Council and is composed of two electors from each ward and one elector at-large from the municipality. The Committee shall review the Charter and propose for adoption any alterations, revisions or amendments which the Committee deems advisable.

The review process entails reviewing the charters of neighboring communities and suggested changes from all Kirtland administration, department heads, boards and commissions.

The final version of the amended Charter was approved by voters during the General Election on November 2, 2010.

Amended Charter
(as approved by voters during the General Election on 11-2-2010)

2020 Charter Review Committee Members

B. Lawrence Allen
John M. Clapacs
Richard P. DeMarco
Sheila E. Dikowicz
David A. Freeburg
Cathleen K. Knaak
Katriona S. Torok
James E. Young, Chairman
Michael J. Young