Firefighters putting out fireSmoke Detectors

Working smoke detectors are a critical part of home safety. The Kirtland Fire Department will provide these life saving devices to Kirtland residents. If you need a smoke detector or think your current detector is not working correctly, contact the Fire Department at 256-8979.

Rapid Access Key Vaults

The Kirtland Fire Department participates in the Knox Box program. Residents and businesses are able to purchase a secure key vault that mounts on or next to a door. A key to the premises is locked inside the vault. Quick access to the key allows the fire department to gain entry into the structure without damage to doors or windows. This program is especially suited to high value premises, the elderly and handicapped.

Contact the Fire Department at 256-8979 for more information.

Open Burning

The City of Kirtland has adopted the Ohio Fire Code laws for Open Flames and Burning (1301:7-7-04). Below is a summary of these laws. If you have any questions, contact the Kirtland Fire Department at (440)256-8979.

Open Burns

 An “open burn” means the burning of any materials where air contaminants are emitted directly into the air without passing through a stack or chimney. Open burning is allowed in the City of Kirtland, without notification to or permission from the Kirtland Fire Department, for the following reasons:

  • Cooking for human consumption (campfires).
  • Heating tar, water, heating for warmth of outdoor workers and strikers, smudge pots, and similar occupational needs.


    Private bonfires are permitted upon prior notification to the Fire Department and must adhere to the same conditions listed above, except that fire shall be less than five feet by five feet in dimension and shall burn no longer than three hours. The shift OIC (officer in charge) must be notified of the time and address of the bonfire.

    Bonfires for public assembly (schools, churches, etc.) are permitted upon prior notification to the fire department and require written permission by the Fire Chief or the Chief Fire Inspector. A request for a bonfire permit must be made at least three days before the fire is to be set.

    Additional Notes

    • It is both the intent of the fire and the nature of the fire that determines its legality. For example, cooking hot dogs over a brush pile is not permitted.
    • A fire in a barrel is still an open burn and must meet the above conditions.
    • If the fire is legal, but the neighbors are complaining due to the smoke or odor, it is advisable to wait until the winds have shifted or to move the location of the fire.
    • A hot fire that is fueled with dry, solid wood generates the least smoke.
    • The fire and police departments can order any fire extinguished if it poses a safety hazard or is objectionable. This may include the presence of dry weather, dry grass or woodlands, high winds, etc.
    • The Kirtland Service Department picks up brush in the spring. A notice is mailed in late winter.
    • A violation of the open burning ordinances may result in a misdemeanor citation and fine.

Lock Box Program

New Lock Box Program

The Kirtland Fire Department has a lock box program for residents. The Roper lock box, hangs over the resident’s door and has a spare key inside. In an emergency, the Fire Department can gain entry into the home without any damage to doors or windows. The Fire Department is the only department that has a master key to these boxes. This program is ideal for elderly residents who live alone or have medical alert buttons. The cost for the lock box is $35.

For more information, please contact Dominic DiSantis at the Kirtland Fire Department 440-256-8979.

Residents with Special Needs

The Kirtland Fire Department maintains a list of residents that have special needs in our community. This lists helps the fire department to be able to check on residents during any type of emergency or inclement weather. Some examples of residents with special needs are those that may be on oxygen when the power goes out and need a spare tank, if they are immobile and in need of assistance, are on certain medications that the paramedics should be aware of, or have other needs that are pertinent to a resident’s care.

If you would like more information about how to get on this list, please contact Dominic DiSantis at the Kirtland Fire Department 440-256-8979.