Only in the last few years, have I come to know why Easter falls when it does. Simply explained, it is the first Sunday after the full moon that occurs on or after the spring equinox. This year, the equinox happens to be March 19th, just two days after St. Patrick’s Day.

To celebrate both St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, the city will host the third annual Shamrock Shuffle and Shenanigans on March 9th  beginning at 10:00 am and an Easter Egg Hunt on March 23rd, beginning at 10:30 am in front of City Hall. The Shuffle 5k Run & Walk will be followed by fun for all ages (the shenanigans) across the street at the Kirtlander. The social event is open to all, and food and drink will be for sale inside.

This year, honoring my friend and recently deceased Eastlake Mayor, Dennis Morley, proceeds from the Shamrock Shuffle and Shenanigans will go to the Miracle League of Lake County. The Miracle League supports children with physical and mental disabilities and is a tremendous organization worthy of support.

The annual Easter Egg Hunt is for all Elementary age children and if you haven’t been before, you won’t want to miss the fun. Parking is available at the library and at City Hall, so get there a few minutes early to see the Bunny shuttle in on one of our city Safety or Service vehicles.

Every March, City Council passes the annual budget. I want to thank Council for its partnership as we have successfully managed city debt over the last four years. Should Council pass this year’s budget in its current form, over the last four years, the city will have decreased long-term bond issuance debt by more than $700,000 and made more than $2.3 million in payments on city short-term debt.

With guidance from bond counsel and the city’s debt management consultant, the aggressive payment schedule over the last several years puts the city in a good position to issue a $2.5 million road improvement note to support our 2024 road program.

This year’s budget continues to focus on debt management and provides resources that will help Kirtland continue to seek opportunities that can expand our business tax base and seek outside additional funding for special projects and grants.

With Council’s support of this budget, 10 city roads spanning 2.1 miles are potentially scheduled for paving this year.: Beechwood, Crestwood, Parkwood, Elmwood, Forestdale, Westwood, Woodhill, Thorne, Shaw & Monterey.  In addition, with passage of this budget, a host of other city streets will also see significant repairs.

Although this year’s road program, combined with paving efforts of the last four years, is significant and will continue to make a great impact throughout many neighborhoods, it is no secret that our network of city streets needs additional attention. In the coming weeks and months, we will seek the answers to what the best funding approach means for our taxpayers. I remain committed to the idea that the investment of working families in their homes and neighborhoods should be protected, while keeping our seniors on fixed incomes in mind.

With a tremendous City Council in place, and recently expressed community support for how business is being conducted at City Hall, we have a real opportunity this year to at long last solve the Kirtland road issue that has beleaguered the community for well over a decade.

As always, I am humbled and honored to serve as Kirtland’s mayor and look forward to seeing and working with the community for another term.

Thank you, Mayor Potter