How about them Hornets! Congratulations to the Kirtland High School Football team for winning their 7th Ohio High School Football State Championship. I cannot stress how proud I am of this team, the program, and frankly the entire community that supports these kids, year in and year out. We seemed to have caught lightning in a bottle here in Kirtland, and while I can’t fully explain the run of success, I won’t complain about it either.

I want to thank the voters of Kirtland for electing me to serve a second term as Mayor of Kirtland. I try not to make too many promises more than, I promise to continue to work hard for our taxpayers and ensure that every dollar is spent efficiently and wisely. We continue to have the great responsibility of carefully examine every decision we make, and to continue to look for new and better ways to operate our city government.

Congratulations to the winners of Kirtland’s Ward Council races, Julie Symonds (Ward 1), Scott Haymer (Ward 2), Joe Smolic (Ward 3) and Sue Grazia (Ward 4). In addition to the sitting At-Large Council persons, Matt Schulz, Ron Fenstermaker and Eric Ziegler, the four ward council members also bring unique representation and are folks with varying backgrounds and skills. We are fortunate to have these members of our community who share in their commitment for the betterment of our city.

Led by Council President, Joe Smolic, in the coming months, Council will be working with me and our department heads to work through our 2024 city budget and discerning opportunities for improved service and efficiency. We will be discussing how best to fund and prioritize the need for improving city roads, equipment and buildings, while balancing the personnel needs of each city department. Our commitment to safety and efficiency will continue to be the cornerstone of how we serve our taxpayers.

I want to thank the Garden Club of Kirtland for, once again, decorating City Hall and for handcrafting the swags we see hanging on signs around town. Their efforts are not only appreciated but year in and year out, I marvel at their handiwork and commitment to beautifying our city.

In addition to the great work by the Garden Club, I sincerely appreciate the decorations and lights adorning City Hall. Thank you to the Service Department for their hard work to make the building and grounds shine for the holiday season. Also, a big thank you to Mr. Dominic Farinacci for his donation of the Christmas tree that stands beautifully in front of City Hall.

In closing, I hope that you all have a safe and happy holiday season. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Mayor Potter