Let’s talk economic development. Over the last four years, I’ve worked diligently with the community and City Council to create an atmosphere for balanced commercial growth that fits the character and appeal of our small town. During this time, we’ve seen the establishment and success of businesses such as Sausalito, Down the Block, the Tall Oaks Event Complex, Mike’s Market, among others, in the Historic Town Center District.

We have also recently facilitated discussions for the development of a top-notch Nursing Care facility at the corner of Routes 6 and 306 which would ultimately bring over 100 good paying jobs to Kirtland, occupy an unassuming footprint and generate several hundred thousand dollars in new City revenue.

We all recognize economic development is one important way to add new revenue that can help pay for excellent services and roads in Kirtland. With that in mind, many thanks to the community for the excellent feedback related to potential development possibilities in our Historic Town Center District.  Keep talking Kirtland. We are listening!

When our team first discussed the town center concept proposed by a developer, we knew it was important to hear their ideas to understand the potential impact and benefit that a project of this scope could have for our community.  But more importantly we knew that the reactions and observations of our residents would be critical to make sure we could find a design, if any, that is truly appropriate for our town.  To be clear, no decisions have yet been made and will not be made for many months, or perhaps even longer. And it is our responsibility as elected leaders to consider creative opportunities, including senior living options, for downtown Kirtland, while retaining the small-town atmosphere which we all know and love.

Ultimately our voters will have the final say at the ballot box, and I respect our residents’ ability to decide the best path forward for Kirtland.  Thanks again for your feedback and please reach out as you have thoughts going forward.  I can be reached at [email protected] or 440-429-0293 to offer your concerns or share your ideas.

In reference to last week’s turbulent weather, I’d like to thank our residents for their patience over the many days while power was being restored to Kirtland’s neighborhoods. Additionally, our First Responders and Service Department teams should be thanked for their tireless work to keep residents and roadways safe during and after the storm.

A quick thank you to Councilman Scott Haymer for his endless commitment to our city. On more than one occasion, and seemingly always on nights or weekends, Scott volunteers his time, equipment, and skills to assist the Service and Fire Departments during plumbing, drain and sewer emergencies. In fact, just this past Sunday, Scott spent hours jetting a plugged sanitary line at Kirtland’s Rt. 306 fire station. Councilman Haymer takes public service to a new level and I, for one, am so appreciative of his efforts.

Finally, congratulations to the Kirtland Schools for the successful installation of the new field turf, track, scoreboard, and visitor bleachers at the newly named Wilson Stadium. The field looks great and will be something this community can be proud of for many years to come. Go Hornets!

Thank you, Mayor Potter