Please note this is for STORM DAMAGE ONLY.

Recognizing many of our residents have downed branches from last week’s storm, the Service Department crews will be offering brush pickups upon request, beginning later this week. Please email [email protected] or follow the link to request service.

If you are unable to email or use the service request link, please call 440-256-1234, leaving your name and address. Please be patient as we are currently responding to many requests.

Requirements for Brush Pick-up
Brush should be placed at the edge of the road and not in the drainage ditches.
Brush should not exceed three inches in diameter or a maximum of four feet in length.
Brush bundles should not exceed 30 pounds and should be set out in an organized manner.
Bundling with twine is preferred to promote efficiency and safety.
The entire brush pile should not exceed 10 feet in width.
Unacceptable items include stumps, shrubs, leaves or ornamental grass.
Brush piles cannot be picked up if these requirements are not met.

Fall brush pick-up will begin on October 30 (Wards 1, 4), and continue through November 6-10 (Wards 2, 3).