Potential Town Center Development at Kirtland’s City Hall Property

Over the last several years, we’ve worked to gather input about the needs and direction of our city. Our residents have suggested we energize a town center that is livable, walkable and offers shopping, dining, and professional services. These recent conversations are consistent with the Comprehensive Plan conducted by the city in 2012 which recommended that the city “encourage development of land uses that create a small-town atmosphere with local retail shops, restaurants, offices, and residential uses including housing for seniors.”

Appreciating community feedback, we have been sharing the ideas of our residents in conversation with local development partners. As a result of these discussions, we have before us a concept that seeks to create a downtown center that can help achieve many of our goals.We are excited to share this conceptual plan created by Marous Development Group, LLC, who have designed a vision that incorporates the needs and goals of the City of Kirtland. Marous Development Group has engaged Kirtland native Ray Sankovich to serve as the exclusive commercial and retail broker.

In the coming weeks and months, with input from the community, we will work to refine this conceptual plan. We see this as an exciting first step in helping Kirtland reestablish downtown to best serve our residents and build upon Kirtland’s existing identity.

The following are just some of the considerations that will ultimately help us decide what is best for Kirtland:

*What is the ideal design and balance of commercial and residential?
*Where would a scaled down version of City Hall and Police Station be located?
*Will a potential sale of City Hall cover the replacement?
*How much new revenue will this bring to the city?
*What impact will there be on the Kirtland School System?
*What impact will there be to existing businesses?
*How do we ensure a positive impact for Kirtland taxpayers?

We will be scheduling and posting several day/evening times for our residents to come to City Hall to review the conceptual plan as well as share their input, ideas, and concerns. The first opportunity for an in-person discussion with City officials will be this Saturday (April 15) at 10:00 a.m. in Council Chambers.

Additionally, please feel free to email your questions and ideas to Teresa at [email protected].