With Thanksgiving right around the corner, in Kirtland we have much to be thankful for. Our schools, churches, businesses, civic groups, and of course all the residents that help make up this community fabric, time and time again, prove to be some of the best around.

On Saturday, October 22nd, nearly two hundred volunteers came out for a day of service that was unlike anything I’ve seen before. Together, the Mayor’s Action Network, Divine Word and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints coordinated work projects throughout the city. In conjunction with Kiwanis and Kirtland Boy Scout Troop 286, these teams of volunteers came together and spread out around the city to clear and clean yards of twenty Seniors or Veterans, assist with Shred Day, work at the Community Garden, clean the rec park and more. Thank you to all, as this was a day we can all be proud of. An extra thanks to Councilmen Smolic and Ziegler for their assistance, and Councilman Haymer for the use of his equipment. Kirtland was at it’s best that day!

On Tuesday, November 8th, voting will take place at City Hall and the Community Center. As always, I expect Kirtland voters will show up to the polls in large numbers to exercise their right to vote. Voters will be choosing candidates and voting on issues that impact our everyday lives. One of those Issues will be an opportunity to vote to fund a long-term Road Funding Plan by voting Yes on Issue 6.

Voting yes on Issue 6 will help Kirtland finally put the road funding question behind us by establishing a long-term road program. Passage of the issue will initiate a City of Kirtland Charter change that will increase the city income tax by 0.25%. Issue 6 is not a property tax and will not affect retirement income. The newly generated revenue will be realized from the following income earners – those living in another community but working in Kirtland, folks that live and work in the City of Kirtland, and those of us that live in Kirtland and work elsewhere. Based on census data, the median income for a Kirtland household is $91,000 per year. Calculating from this income level, the additional tax equates to about $237/yr or 0.62 cents a day. Additionally, City Council passed Resolution 22-R-47 that requires that every dollar raised by the additional 0.25% will be used for road projects only.

I am entirely hopeful that Issue 6 passes on Tuesday and appreciative of the City Council members that worked hard with me to exhaust all opportunities to cut costs over the last three years. We made tough decisions by reducing staff and consolidating Dispatch with Willoughby. I am also thankful for members of the community that participated in the road funding discussions over the last few years that helped lead to having this issue on the ballot.

Three years ago, I asked for your vote and confidence while running for Mayor. During that campaign, I laid out new principles for how we approach repairing and maintaining our roads. Today, I am proud to say, our road paving projects are competitively bid by professional contractors while incorporating analysis of sub surface and drainage conditions. Kirtland’s paving program is now designed by a professional engineer, and we have made a commitment to a maintenance plan that will keep good roads good, well into the future. By working together and voting yes on Tuesday, we can ensure our ability to fund our comprehensive road program well into the future.

On November 8th, I humbly ask for your support of Issue 6.

Thank you,

Mayor Potter