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April 14, 2022


Safe & Smart Recycling, Summer Collection Season

As county residents begin thinking about spring clean-up in and around their homes, the idea of recycling these unwanted items at the Special Collections may come to mind. The Lake County Solid Waste District has partnered with the Department of Utilities to repurpose an area at the Landfill and Recycling Center in Painesville Twp. into a drop-off site. This repurposed location is at 2039 Blase Nemeth Rd. Painesville Twp. will be a one-stop-shop allowing residents to bring recyclable items and household waste materials to one location, in one trip. This change also brings welcomed improvements like expanded hours and days, the added convenience of credit card payments, and expanded space for trailers to be utilized for hauling multiple items to the facility.

This permanent recycling drop-off area will be open to residents from June 6 through August 31 during the landfill’s standard business hours. The standard hours are Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Residents will be required to enter through the scale house entrance there they can pay with cash, check, and credit card payments for any fees associated with this drop-off. Please be advised, that materials in an open truck bed or open trailer need to be tarped during transportation to the drop-off to be accepted.

Residents will unload their recyclable items and take them into the building to be stacked and sorted by our team. Accepted items include appliances, household electronics, computer-related devices, monitors, televisions, and tires. Residents can be assured all memory components on computer-related devices will be professionally erased or destroyed in a secure facility prior to being recycled. Residents may bring up to six tires per day only.

The fees associated with this drop-off are as follows:

  • NO COST, FREE: Most corded and rechargeable household electronics including phones, computers, towers, and printers.
  • $3 EACH: Car and pickup truck tires – no rims, 6 max. per day, up to 20”.
  • $5 EACH: Household appliances, flat screens/tube screens 27″ and smaller, and semi-truck tires – no rims, 6 max. per day, over 20″.
  • $10 EACH: Flat/tube screens larger than 27″, projection & console sets.
  • $15 EACH: Tractor and agricultural tires, no rims, 6 max per day.

For the time being, and due to an abundance of caution, the Household Hazardous Waste Collection events will remain at the Lake County Fairgrounds and are scheduled for June 11 and September 24 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. There are no fees associated with this collection. Keeping substances in their original containers or marking them, if possible, is recommended to shorten the processing times. At the event, our Collection Team will unload your vehicle. The Lake County Fairgrounds is located at 1301 Mentor Ave., Painesville Twp., enter only from Mentor Ave.

Hazardous waste accepted at this event includes most automotive, household cleaners, lawn, pool, and unknown chemicals. Bulbs and batteries. Aerosols, empty propane tanks, kerosene, mercury, paints (oil-based), polyurethanes, primers, and grout. Roofing tars, shellacs, stains, thinners, turpentine, and varnish. The following items are prohibited at the collection event and at the Landfill and Recycling Center: Ammunition, explosives, latex paint (dry it & toss it), medical waste, prescription medicines, and smoke alarms (mail to manufacturer).

For a complete listing of all accepted and prohibited items, please visit, scan the QR code or refer to social media by searching @LCDUOhio or call (440) 350-2645 during standard business hours.

We look forward to offering this new recycling drop-off as a value-added to Lake County residents,” said Commissioner Ron Young. “This is a win-win and we encourage residents to take utilize this service.” RY

“To avoid the potential risks associated with household hazardous wastes, it is important that people always monitor the use, storage, and disposal of products with potentially hazardous substances in their homes,” said Commissioner John Plecnik. “This service will allow residents to do just that and is offered exclusively to residents of Lake County.”

“Lake County understands and recognizes the vital importance of protecting and safeguarding the environment for future generations,” said Lake County Commissioners Board President John Hamercheck. “These special collections serve as a venue by which hazardous items can be properly and safely disposed of, rather than being buried in our landfills.”