On April 17th, my office released a statement informing the community that Police Chief Lance Nosse had taken personal and medical leave. I also noted that I was requesting an investigation in light of information brought to my attention on April 16th. I assure the community that the investigation is moving quickly, fairly, and legally. Additionally, as information becomes available, I will continue to update our residents. In the meantime, I have asked Sergeant Jamey Fisher to lead the men and women of the Kirtland Police Department as the Executive Officer. I have faith that our Police Department will continue to work together to keep our residents safe. Rest assured, integrity, honor, and transparency will be held in the highest regard.

In the absence of an appropriate segue, we turn now to the positive things happening in our good City. From planning pickleball courts at the Community Center to creating and energizing events that will encourage community spirit and engagement, summer in Kirtland stands to be a good one.

I want to thank resident and Zoning Board member Rick Blum, Service Director Fornaro, and Councilman Haymer for their input, assistance, and expertise regarding the plans for new pickleball courts. While we work through the design and development stages, this long-awaited vision is soon to become a reality for our residents.

We are pleased to be in partnership with The Holden Arboretum and the Kirtland Local Schools as we plan for an exciting in-school arbor event for our third-grade students on Thursday, May 20. Our on-staff arborist, Service Director Fornaro, has been passionately advocating for the natural beauty of our City. As a result of which, and in close partnership with longtime resident Mr. Paul Abbey, the City will hold an educational event and tree planting in front of City Hall on Saturday, May 22nd. The event will be open to the public and details posted on the City website once finalized

For several years now, we have enjoyed summer concerts at the City Hall gazebo, hosted and generously supported by Friends of the Kirtland Library. With the blessing of Library Director Jane Carle, the City will be expanding participation at several of these events throughout the summer. By early June, expect further dates and details regarding new food options and community activities offered in conjunction with these great events.

Finally, be on the lookout for a community-wide survey. The goal and objective of this survey is to engage our residents as to their thoughts and ideas regarding the future of Kirtland. This will serve as our first step as the City works to develop and launch a ten-year plan beginning in 2022. While we know Kirtland is a great city, we ask for your input as to how to make it even better for our families, our Seniors, our neighbors, and ourselves. We welcome your participation to share in that vision for the future and to ensure Kirtland remains and maintains what keeps us unique.

Thank you,

Kevin Potter