Due to personal and medical issues, Chief Nosse has taken a leave of absence from the City of Kirtland effective April 16, 2021. Pursuant to the collective bargaining agreement, Sgt. Jamey Fisher has been designated as the Executive Officer of the Kirtland Police Department and will perform the duties of the Chief of Police in the Chief’s absence. Sgt. Fisher will serve in this role for an undetermined period of time.

Additionally, in light of serious and troubling information brought to my attention late Friday, I am requesting an independent investigation related to the conduct of an individual within the Kirtland Police Department. My administration is committed to the utmost transparency and will keep our employees and community apprised as information is made legally available. Please be advised that any and all questions should be directed to the City of Kirtland’s legal department.

As Mayor and Safety Director of the City of Kirtland, I want to ensure our employees and residents that the integrity of any City Department and the safety of our citizens is and will remain my administration’s top priority.

Thank you,
Kevin F. Potter, Mayor


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Department Leadership