The City of Kirtland worked with awarded contractor Applied Ecological Services (AES) on a streambank stabilization project on the East Branch of the Chagrin River. This project was funded under the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA) Section 319(h) Nonpoint Source grant program. The City of Kirtland also partnered with the Chagrin River Watershed Partners, Inc. (CRWP) and Lake County Stormwater Management Department (Lake SMD) on this venture.

Through this project, the City of Kirtland stabilized approximately 425 linear feet of the East Branch Chagrin River as well as restored 0.25 acres of adjacent riparian area. The East Branch Chagrin River is a designated State Scenic River and the aquatic life beneficial use is listed as Coldwater Habitat.

You can read more about the project here Wisner Road Stabilization.

Stormwater-related projects including stream and wetland restoration are covered under “Essential Infrastructure” activities by the State of Ohio allowing work to be done while crews exercised the appropriate precautions regarding Covid-19.