In an effort to minimize the spread of germs and keep our residents as safe as possible, the City of Kirtland is following protocol​s set forth by the Lake County General Health District for cleaning and sanitizing public buildings. In addition to the daily cleaning already in place, special attention will be given to wiping down large surfaces, door handles, and tabletops. The city asks that if you are sick to please stay home and refrain from entering public spaces to ​minimize the spread of germs.

 Going forward, city staff from both the Service Department and Community Center will double efforts to keep public buildings disinfected using known cleaning methods and the most effective cleaning supplies. Already in place are the use of disposable paper towels for hand washing and hand sanitizer in restrooms.  

 Residents can further protect themselves from infectious diseases by adhering to the precautions set forth by the CDC.

 As new information becomes available, cleaning procedures will be upgraded for the best possible outcome to keep Kirtland residents and visitors healthy while in our public spaces.

 For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the Coronavirus, please visit and