We are pleased to say that we will be offering the spring brush collection throughout the community again this year. Starting April 6, the Kirtland Service Department will begin brush pick-up throughout the city. The program is intended to assist residents with the annual spring clean-up of branches and twigs that have come down from the inclement winter weather. The program is NOT intended to assist with clearing a parcel or substantially clearing trees on a parcel. City trucks will pass only one time through each ward, so please have your brush and tree limbs out by the start date listed for your ward.

Ward 4 – Week of April 6

Ward 1 – Week of April 13

Ward 2 – Week of April 20

Ward 3 – Week of April 27


  • Brush should be placed at the edge of the road and not in the drainage ditches.
  • Brush should not exceed three inches in diameter or a maximum of four feet in length.
  • Brush bundles should not exceed 30 pounds and should be set out in an organized manner.
  • Bundling with twine is preferred to promote efficiency and safety.
  • The entire brush pile should not exceed 10 feet in width.
  • Unacceptable items include stumps, shrubs, ornamental grass, and Christmas trees.
  • No brush piles will be picked up if these requirements are not met.
  • Contact the Kirtland Service Department if you have any questions: 440-256-1234.