Dear Kirtland Residents,

There is much to be grateful for as we come into November 2019 in the City of Kirtland.

The Kirtland Veterinary Hospital is in full operation in their new facility across from Febo’s Marathon downtown. You can now get your dog get fixed at the clinic while your car gets fixed at Febo’s. I understand both owners are taking new customers. I sincerely hope the investment made by the Veterinary Clinic is rewarded with your patronage along with visits to all of our stores and businesses at both ends of town. Thank you to the Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Karen Tercek for hosting a ribbon cutting at the Hospital.

The Verizon Cell Tower construction behind City Hall has been scheduled to start in Q2 of 2020. It will provide some improved coverage for residents and some small revenue for the operation of the city. Our Police and safety forces will also benefit from antenna locations on the tower which were agreed to in the negotiation.

I am also grateful for the ideas, plans and cooperation between the Kirtland Public Library, Director Jane Carle, and the Library Board who met with the City to discuss the use of property behind the Library for an additional youth athletic field. The partnership between the youth leagues, the Library, and the City are a great example of a low-cost achievable solution to provide more space for our community’s youth sports activities.

Veterans Day is November 11th, and all are cordially invited to the Kirtland Veterans’ Memorial at 11:00AM for a short ceremony of remembrance with American Legion Barber-Williams Post 609. At noon a lunch will be served at the Senior Center, please call ahead there for details if you wish to attend.

I am grateful that the community held services honoring the passing of Kirtland icon, Dr. Murray G. Winchell who was a general practitioner in our town for forty-three years. He was also a fixture on the sideline for decades of Kirtland Football and his presence will be missed.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, we have much to be thankful for.

Warm Regards from City Hall,

Mayor Davidson