Dear Residents in the “Old Town” Sewer Area,

I thank you for your patience while we work with the Ohio EPA to get the best outcome for this project.

Our mission as the administration and as the party negotiating with the OEPA is clear, and that is to get the best outcome for residents and central to that is maximizing funding opportunities wherever we can to reduce project cost and to gain flexibility and time in implementation. 

Grants are our first objective, low or no-interest loan availability would be the next best option. Competitively bidding the work once the design is decided upon and complete is the next point at which we can save project dollars and final costs. Our engineer and his firm do have the experience in the task to get us the best design and make us aware of any available funding in a timely way.

Our first reply on the Findings and Orders from the Director at OEPA was to agree to negotiate, and propose three phases in a plan, this also provides three opportunities for funding applications. I have spoken with many residents, heard your concerns directly, and through Council and want to reassure you that we will continue to make the best of this challenge of compliance to OEPA Orders that is before us.  Please continue to communicate your concerns and ideas to and through Administration and Council.



Doug Davidson