Dear Kirtland Residents,

There is plenty of good news to share with you as Labor Day 2019 closes in, school has started, and the season changes.

In administration, Duane Martz is our new Interim Service Administrator. Duane brings his knowledge of the City and contracting experience to the position along with an understanding of our stormwater and road issues. The Service Department team is currently finishing up ditch enclosures on SR 306 to help close out the SR306 paving project. The road paving bid package for Booth Road, along with some base repairs for Billings Road was advertised and awaits Council approval on September 4th.

A special mention goes out to Justin Gollin, Cemetery Superintendent for his coordination with athletic leagues, the Kirtland Schools, Kirtland Boosters, and Youth Leagues to make improvements to the Recreation Park and fields.

Monica Drake, Kirtland’s Economic Development Manager, has been busy working with the Economic Development Standing Committee of Council, and leading the initial joint meeting of the two CRA related boards, Tax Incentive Review and Housing Council. My thanks to those who participated, including Lake County Auditor, Chris Galloway for the initial meeting. Monica, who also works with the cities of Wickliffe and Willowick, can be reached at [email protected]to assist with any development questions.

I am pleased to announce that our Fire Department was awarded a FEMA Aid to Firefighters Grant for $83,000 which was awarded for a diesel exhaust system at Fire Station 2 bringing it up to compliance and assist with firefighter cancer prevention.

Finally, after returning home from a Kirtland middle school girls’ soccer game on Tuesday the 27th, I looked out to see traffic stopped on SR 306. Investigating a little further, I walked toward a two-vehicle accident at Billings Road. My neighbor, Connie, had already called dispatch from across the street. In the time it took to walk over I heard the KPD sirens heading south and the overhead door was rolling up for the squad to pull out of Station 2. Within moments, our officers and paramedics secured the scene and the drivers, who had no apparent injuries. Thanks to our firefighters and police for their service. BTW – The middle school girls soccer team beat South Euclid Lyndhurst 7-0. GO HORNETS!

Warm Regards from City Hall,

Mayor Doug Davidson