Lake County Emergency Outdoor Sirens
from Lake County Sheriff’s Office:
As a result of yesterday’s tornado alerts in eastern Lake County there seems to be some confusion on the outdoor siren alerts and how they work. Here is some info obtained from the Emergency Management Agency of Lake County website:
Lake County is covered by an emergency alert outdoor siren system which may be used to alert citizens of possible dangers such as chemical emergencies, natural and man-made disasters and national security issues. These sirens are designed to be heard by those outdoors, away from other alerting sources, to advise them to go inside and seek additional information.
The Lake County sirens are tested quarterly, at 11:00 A.M. on the second Wednesday in January, April, July and October. This test will be a single three-minute sounding.
During an emergency, sirens will be sounded three times for three-minutes, each separated by a 30-second break. You may also be warned by loud speakers used by fire and police departments.
When you hear the Emergency Siren follow these directions calmly-but immediately:
• Go indoors, closing all exterior doors and windows.
• Tune to local emergency information stations. Follow broadcast information.
• DO NOT call 911 unless you have a specific need or emergency. Such calls for information could hinder response activities and block phone lines for actual emergencies.
Notification – Emergency Management Agency (EMA)