Fall in Kirtland always brings photo-worthy foliage, cooler mornings, and the promise of good things to come. This year is no exception: Kirtland sports are in full swing both at the Stadium and the Rec. Parks, Pumpkinville is fully stocked, and Shred Day at the Community Center is back on Saturday, October 9 from 8:30 – 11:00 am. In addition to these mainstays, the City of Kirtland will be partnering with our churches, businesses, and organizations to host a Trunk or Treat event throughout parking lots in the community on Wednesday, October 27 from 6 – 8:00 pm. If you are a business or organization that would like to participate, contact Teresa at City Hall.  As details become available, we will post information on both the City website and Facebook page.

Back by popular demand, our Service Department will once again be offering Autumn brush pick-up in November (dates to be announced). Again, we request that sticks and branches be neatly stacked (or bundled) and laid along the road. As tempting as it is, we ask that leaves and grass clippings not be included in the piles. In addition, the Mayor’s Action Network is coordinating a leaf and yard clean-up for Seniors and Veterans on Saturday, November 13. The day will begin with a Veterans Day ceremony at City Hall. If you need yard assistance or would like to volunteer, please call or email Teresa at tszary@kirtlandohio.com or 440-256-3332 ex. 5.

As the hours of daylight rapidly wane, our Service Department crews continue to work hard to address drainage issues, crack seal, patch roads, and manage our parks and cemeteries. Please be mindful of our hard-working men as you travel our roadways.

Over the course of the next month, our road paving contractor will be completing various projects around town. I want to thank Specialized Construction, as they’ve demonstrated professionalism and consideration while working to reconstruct, repave, double chip seal, and complete drainage work throughout the City. Despite an unusually wet July and August, they will have laid over five miles of asphalt and chip seal. In one season, Kirtland will have seen nearly the same amount of paving and maintenance as the five years of the previous road levy combined.

I know I’ve spoken at great length regarding deliberative efforts and personnel reductions resulting in the creation of annual savings to fund Kirtland’s 2021 road program. We now look forward to embarking on the comprehensive road paving plan as prescribed by Service Director Joe Fornaro and City Engineer Doug Courtney. I have asked outgoing Council President Rich Lowery to spearhead the discussion that should lead to our voters having a choice to fund a road program we can now trust. I look forward to City Council making a collaborative recommendation as to the best funding path going forward.

The City, along with Lake County Utilities, will be holding an informational meeting on October 28th for our Old Town residents. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss costs, project schedule, and update the community on the City’s pursuit of outside funding for the sanitary sewer project. Residents can expect a letter in the mail that will designate a time and place for the forum. In addition to written correspondence, we will also be updating the city Facebook page and website.

With campaign season in full swing, I look forward to spirited and respectful conversations related to candidates and issues on this November ballot. In that spirit, I would like to plug my support for the City of Kirtland Senior & Recreation Renewal levy. This levy brings in $143,000 annually, is not a tax increase, and is critical to our senior and recreation programming and building support.

Thank you,

Kevin Potter – Mayor