As Mother Nature once again bestows longer and warmer days upon us, our City is springing into action by launching the first year of a Comprehensive Road Program. In March, City Council passed the 2021 budget which includes over $2 million for road paving and maintenance spending. Having worked hard in 2020 to control costs makes a significant paving program possible this year. The unanimously passed budget committed $200,000 of savings from last year and will capitalize on low market rates to raise an additional $2 million for road spending. Dollars freed up from outsourcing Dispatch as well as other 2020 personnel reductions justify the annual note payments supporting the 2021 paving program.

I continue to be proud of our City government’s resourcefulness and its commitment to spending your tax dollars wisely. I look forward to working with City Council members, our Department leaders and the community as we explore new ways to further support infrastructure, building maintenance and equipment needs.

In the coming weeks, we will receive guidance from the U.S. Federal Treasury related to allowable spending for anticipated stimulus dollars headed for Kirtland. The city expects to receive over $600,000 both in 2021 and 2022 as a result of the latest Federal stimulus package. Just as we spent 2020 CARES Act funding, we will again be certain every dollar is spent effectively.

Thank you to Teresa Szary, our new Senior and Community Center Coordinator for the long hours and working hard to create a responsible reopening plan for the Senior Center. As we await guidelines from the State and County, Teresa is regularly communicating with our Senior population through a monthly newsletter, drive-through lunches, emails and phone calls. In addition to Teresa’s role as Center Coordinator, she also now serves as Administrative Assistant to the Mayor’s office. Teresa’s get “stuff” done and “how can I help attitude” brings great spirit to day to day operations.

As we continue to be mindful of circumstances and guidelines related to the pandemic, we are working to create opportunities that can lift community spirit and engage our businesses, civic groups, schools and churches. As such, the city is considering the establishment of bi-monthly events throughout the City during the summer and fall seasons. We encourage you to both contact us with any suggestions and keep checking our Facebook page, website, and the Chronicle for the most up to date information regarding upcoming events.

While I’m currently enjoying this beautiful day, I am reminded that there is snow in the forecast increasing the likelihood of more downed trees and branches. Please remember we are here to help you with your clean-up by once again offering the Spring Brush Collection beginning the week of April 5 (Ward 3: week of April 5, Ward 2: week of April 12, Ward 1: week of April 19 and Ward 4: week of April 26).

For a complete schedule of when Collection will occur in your Ward, please check our website or Facebook.

Wishing you all a Happy Spring and Easter!