Please see the Notice of Change from the Board of Elections (BOE). The ballot inadvertently refers to Article VII (7) instead of Article V (5). However, the ballot language does list the proper title of Article V and the proposed change, which is “Initiative, Referendum and Recall, Section 5 – Mandatory Zoning Referendum”. We have received word from the BOE and Secretary of State’s Office that Issue 3 can still proceed on the ballot.

In addition, the BOE will (1) provide a notice to early voters at the BOE, (2) include it with any subsequent absentee ballots, and also (3) post it at the voting machines at all Kirtland precincts. 

We apologize for any confusion this typographical error may have caused.  The good news is, one of our very own residents caught the mistake and we were able to address the issue in a matter of hours with the Board of Elections.