Dear Kirtland Residents,

September has been a whirlwind of activity in the City of Faith and Beauty. Early in September the Gazebo Green in front of City Hall was packed with emergency vehicles and first responders of all types for Safety Forces Day. Our departments are great examples of the flexibility and shared services in their own way by generating responses with other agencies using mutual aid and teamwork. Old South Church, joined by members of multiple congregations, hosted a crop walk also starting and ending on Gazebo Green to raise funds for their food pantry. Old South also celebrated their anniversary 200 years still going strong.

The City’s redesigned website will be up and running on September 30th. Minutes and financials that may be of interest are updated and can now be posted from City Hall without going through a vendor. One feature in particular is an issue tracker which will enhance our ability to respond on issues of interest. Thanks to the Council standing committee, volunteers, and employees that put this website with new functionality in place.

The Ohio EPA delivered its proposed findings and orders to the City on the Old Town Sewer Project. We responded in the allotted time back to the OEPA that we will work with them constructively to meet the objectives in their order. At the same time, both administration and Council have heard from your voices that keeping the project and homeowner cost as low as possible is key. We have proposed to OEPA lengthening the implementation time for the sewers which will give the maximum opportunity to get grant funding, and allowing us to complete the work in three phases. I have also directed the city engineer and the administration to prepare an informational meeting for residents where we can get a greater understanding of every grant and loan program available and their eligibility requirements.

Elsewhere in Kirtland, Aqua Ohio has already begun water line replacement for Charlesderry and Glen Park which will provide more capacity for fire hydrants and users. When the job is complete, the patched road will receive a chip seal to give it a uniform surface as part of Aqua’s project.

A few final thoughts for September. As we enter the fourth quarter we will be pushing hard to get drainage and contracted paving projects done across the city. Please watch your speed and help by driving the speed limit in your neighborhood. I would keep on writing but I have a very important wedding to prepare for.

Warm Regards,


Mayor Davidson