The City of Kirtland received Proposed Findings and Orders from the Ohio EPA on August 26th requiring the City of Kirtland to respond within 14 days as to whether it intended to acknowledge and initiate negotiations with OEPA leading to Final Findings and Orders regarding the Old Town Sewer.

City Council authorized the Mayor to enter into negotiations toward Final Findings and Orders during the September 4th Council meeting. It is the intent of the Administration and Council to achieve the best available flexibility and funding for the project for residents.  A portion of the approach is conducting the project in three phases to get maximum grant exposure.

As part of the response to EPA we also replied with the two City Engineer’s conceptual plan options for review by OEPA.  In general, one uses gravity only the other an additional pump station.

We will provide another update after the next City Council meeting which is scheduled for September 16th at 7pm.